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12 INCH E-SCOOTER Prepare for Mass Production

Publisher: Time:2019-11-28

 In the past two years, electric scooters with fashionable appearance, convenience, quickness and environmental protection have gradually become the short-distance walking tool favored by young people.




Overfly electric scooter began in 2017. So far, a total of 4 products are on sale. E-SCOOTER 12 is the latest.


E-SCOOTER12 has maximum load capacity of 100 kilogram. It comes with a 250 W rear drivetoothed motor powered by 36 V lithium ion batteries that provide up to a maximum range of 40-50 km. A full charge takes approximately 4 – 6 hours.The max speed is approximately 20-25KM/H.




When this production is completed, they will be shipped to our German independent brand company for retail sale. So we are also doing ABE certification in TÜV Rheinland during this period.




TÜV Rheinland is the largest product safty and quality certification agency, as well as the one of the inspection organizations approved by the German Ministry of Communications.




TÜV Rheinland has the qualification to carry out ABE certification in accordance with eKFV regulations, and obtaining their certification is equivalent to having a pass to enter the German market.